Jerimiah: “I now can go out in public feeling a little more relaxed because, being able to train my service dog, I learned to read Rocky’s body language. I don’t have to be so vigilant now knowing Rocky is watching and sensing everything around me.” Read more.

Andrew: “Before DJ, these disabilities left me feeling destroyed and alone. DJ licking my face or scratching at my arm with his paw sure makes it a lot more tolerable. If I start to feel tense in public, all I have to do is look into DJ’s eyes and almost instantly I feel better about where I am. He grounds me faster than I could do it alone.” Read more.

Jennifer: “Mary Cortani and Operation Freedom Paws have given me my life back. Without Shadow, I would still be hiding in my house, hoping the rest of the world would just go away. And last Saturday, I watched my niece dance a solo of Swan Lake. That wouldn’t have been possible without Shadow and Operation Freedom Paws.” Read more.

Jerry: “As a Veteran I would like to say Thank You! Without you and Operation Freedom Paws, I might still be in my wheelchair. But now with my dog Bee-Bee, I can go almost anywhere I want. Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!” (from a FaceBook post)

James: “In my book, Mary is a hero because I’m still alive. And look at this: You’re filming me outside, and the sun is hitting me, and I have an awesome service dog. So yeah, Mary’s a friggin’ hero. And I love this dog to death.”

Janet: “It doesn’t matter what your issues are. Whether you’re there to obedience train your dog or you’re there with your service dog, there’s a tremendous amount of support from everybody.”