About Service Dogs

Rescue Looks Different For Everyone

We’re not a rescue, but we work closely with them to ensure our clients and service dogs succeed and thrive. We partner with shelters and rescues to find dogs whose temperaments, personalities, drive, and desire to connect with humans will lead to them becoming successful service dogs. Not all dogs can be service dogs, which is why each canine completes a comprehensive 30-point behavioral evaluation to determine fit. Only then is the dog matched with a human.

Service Dog
Golden Retriever close-up

What is a Service Dog?

A service dog is a guide dog, hearing dog, or other dog trained to address the medical needs of a specific person, on the recommendation of a doctor. Their job is to pay attention to their person, and to take care of them in regards to their illness or disability.

What is a Service Dog vs a Therapy Dog?

Service dogs are specially trained to perform specific tasks that are directly related to an individual person’s illness or disability. In contrast, a therapy dog provides generalized attention and comfort in support of mental health.

Small Service Dog

Service Dog Capabilities

Service Dogs are considered as belonging in one of five categories:

What kind of tasks can service dogs perform?

Blocking (creating space around an individual), Opening doors, drawers, and refrigerators Retrieving specific objects (videotapes, keys, remotes, etc.) or dropped articles, Getting help, Pulling on command, Turning lights on or off, Barking to alert of danger, doorbell, or telephone, Stopping at certain objects, Finding doors or access/egress, Finding scents, Walking slow to lead, Carrying objects.

Adorable big white dog with floppy ears panting

“As a Veteran I would like to say Thank You! Without you and Operation Freedom Paws, I might still be in my wheelchair. But now with my dog Bee-Bee, I can go almost anywhere I want. Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!”