In Memory of Chris Killingsworth, who left this world way too soon


chrisSilent bugle, folded flag
Spare room’s empty garment bag.
Dark shades and hat pulled down a touch
Hid eyes of one who’d seen too much.
He asked for help but was betrayed
By those whose freedoms he had paid.
I pledge allegiance to a plan
For every woman, every man
Who fought for me and bears my scars
From 60 years of global wars—
Whose battleground has now come home;
Who cannot win this fight alone.
They’ve sworn their oath and paid our debt
And ended with their trust unmet,
When all they asked was time and hope,
And basic tools to help them cope.
You must move on, or so they say,
And greet another dawning day.
I will restart; I’ll face my fears,
And time will dry these bitter tears.
But memories can’t break apart—
Not when they’re held close in my heart.
His struggles won’t have been in vain
If I can ease another’s pain.